Tips and Tricks for Assembling the Desk

Update Time:£º2017-09-27
Here is a gallery of pictures we took during the construction of our adjustable height desks.

Watching the video above is the best way to get a handle on how to put together the desk. It's pretty straight forward and requires relatively little mechanical ability. If you can put together furniture from IKEA, then you can definitely build this desk.

Start by connecting the pipe and fittings for the legs.

We started by attaching the tees to the smaller leg pipes at the same length. If you want to use the desk as a sitting desk, then you probably want to tuck all the additional pipe into he top leg and put the 10-6 close the edge of the pipe. If you're using it as a standing desk. Use this formula to determine you desk height:

Thickness of Desktop + Height of Upper Leg + Portion of Lower Leg Extending from Upper Leg
= Height of Desktop

You'll figure it out. Just remember that you can always adjust the height after you are done.

If you're going to switch back and forth between sitting and standing, you can put a mark on the leg so you don't have to get out a tape measure every time you make the adjustment.

Connect the leg base to the desktop

This can be a little tricky because of the loose connections between the telescoping pipe sets. The important thing is to make sure that everything is straight. Use your level and common sense to make sure that everything is where you want it to be before you start to screw things in. In this configuration the center of the flanges will be about 4" on center from all edges. Make sure that you get the legs centered on the desktop before screwing it down.

Flip the desk over (carefully)

Because of the telescoping nature of the desk, the top of the desk is held on by gravity. Tip the desk over slowly so that the bottom leg section doesn't come flying off!

Make final adjustments with a level

You probably didn't get the legs just right. That's fine, loosen some set screws, get the desk level and then tighten everything back down again.



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