Adjustable Height Sitting and Standing Desk

Update Time:£º2017-09-27

If you are interested in trying out a standing desk, but you're not sure that you want to make the long term commitment, this is definitely the desk for you. This adjustable height desk can adjust from standard sitting desk height to standing desk height with a few simple adjustments.

This isn't the kind of desk that can be adjusted every day, but if you want to try standing up, find you don't like it and want to convert to sitting, no problem! This desk configuration is also helpful when you are managing a large group of people in a workplace. Now each employee can adjust their desk to their desired working height. An ergonomic dream come true!

Working at Standing Desk Standing Desk

We liked this desk design so much, we used it to build six new desks for our office. This desk isn't theoretical, we use them everyday and they are fantastic. Solid top, industrial base, easy to adjust - what more could you ask for in a desk?



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